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How to Keep the Power Company Honest.

Monitoring Electric Power Consumption You know those new digital meters the power company is installing?  Does your power bill seem higher than usual?  Coincidence? If the new meters can be read remotely, why couldn’t the amount of power used be manipulated?  They could be, just like those Diebold voting machines. So protect yourself from corporate […]

How to Build a Hot Water Preheater for a Woodstove

Overview If you want to save energy then start with preheating water. Water takes a large amount of energy to heat and a high percentage of an electric bill is just for heating water. Years ago I measured my electrical consumption on all of my appliances and discovered that my electric hot water tank was […]

100 mpg Cars are Possible

Fuel Economy Trends Soon, America will be forced to dramatically improve fuel economy. Expect a crash program to push mpg standards to equal the EU and Japan. This will coincide with depreciating USD, as Americans all of a sudden are equal to the rest of the world in purchasing power of energy. The 1970’s oil […]

Geofoam Home Construction

The potential to build ultra insulated homes of solid foam remains untapped. Why have an energy bill? It is possible to build homes at no extra cost that use 90% less power than even well constructed homes being built right now.