How to Keep the Power Company Honest.

Monitoring Electric Power Consumption

You know those new digital meters the power company is installing?  Does your power bill seem higher than usual?  Coincidence?
If the new meters can be read remotely, why couldn’t the amount of power used be manipulated?  They could be, just like those Diebold voting machines.
So protect yourself from corporate ripoffs, install an old meter on the other side of the power companies meter to make sure you are being charged the correct amount of kilowatts hours.
an old GE ammeter doesn’t lie, it can’t be manipulated by evil
Why should you do this?  It’s your patriotic duty to stop evil.  Government and corporations have devolved into pure evil and can not be trusted.  They are waging war against you, so take action!
How to do it:

Step 1:  Obtain the old style meter that’s in good working condition. The power company will give you one if you ask, tell them its for an “energy savings” project for your kid’s school project.  That’s what I did, lol.  You also can get one on ebay for cheap since they are plentiful and not in demand.
Step 2. Install the meter in line (behind the meter base) inside of your home. Most homes power supply is standardized as shown below:
Thru Roof Service Drop Main Service Panel
Simply connect your old style meter inline.  This is easy to do and you shouldn’t do it unless you are competent with wiring houses.  In fact this blog doesn’t exist and neither does phishna so whatever you do is none of my business.  I did this and it works great so have at it.  The 2 hot lines coming inside of your circuit breaker panel are disconnected, and extension added, and attached to your meter, then 2 new lines are installed back to the panel.  The ground and neutral lines are not changed.
Note: the meter must be upright to record properly.
The power company supplies power to the meter base and what happens inside of your house is none of their business.  They don’t want liability so they have a waiver of liability from the state electrical inspector when they first connected the power line.  So actually they don’t care.
3.  Check operation of your ammeter, is the wheel going in the correct direction and are the kwh’s getting bigger with time?
4.  Make recordings of your meter so that it can be checked against what you are being charged.  They should be exactly the same.  Exactly, not a tenth off.Phishna
28 October 2009


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