Geofoam Home Construction

Biloxi Mississipi foam home survives Hurricane Katrina while the rest of the stick frame neighborhood is flattened:

A new foam-concrete home is triple R value of stick frame:

An old foam home with foam sprayed over structure:

workers carrying large lightweight geofoam blocks:

highways constructed out of geofoam instead of fill:

Nationwide map of geofoam manufacture:

The Montana Superinsulation Project

SIP foam panels floor walls and roof adds up to huge energy savings

Thermal Results
Space Heat Savings – The houses used an average of 66 percent less space heating than control houses built to current practice (HUD Minimum property standards) by BPA in Montana. Total annual average electrical savings were projected at 10,900 kilowatt hours (kWh). At national average electricity prices, these savings would have a value of about $817 annually. Total space heating costs annually were only $311 in climates with more than 8,000 heating degree days.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) ready for construction:
(but why use these custom made panels when the home could be construction out of higher R-Value geofoam blocks for less money?)

Why geofoam construction? First of all energy costs will continue to skyrocket and anyone with a high R-value home will benefit just like anyone with a high mpg automobile. So why not have walls at R-100 and ceilings at R-200 right now? It will save you the cost of the structure over the long term, in other words building a home now to zero energy use standards equals a free house.

This is the same equation to purchasing a used Geo Metro for $500. A Metro gets such incredibly high fuel economy compared to everything else that after a few months the gas savings adds up to the capital cost of the car! Figure it out, a tuned Metro gets 58 mpg while your car gets what … 25 mpg?

With Geofoam construction the blocks are structural, meaning no concrete or rebar needed. This also saves you on the concrete pumper truck needed for the pour in concrete forms. Blocks can be overlapped and glued together, a plywood crush plate glued to the top course will spread the point loading of trusses.

Imagine laying up 2′ wide x 4′ tall x 8′ long geofoam blocks as the wall to your new home. It wouldn’t take long would it?

Polystyrene has excellent R-value per inch, only superceeded by expensive polyurethane:

26 July 2008


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