100 mpg Cars are Possible

Fuel Economy Trends

Soon, America will be forced to dramatically improve fuel economy. Expect a crash program to push mpg standards to equal the EU and Japan. This will coincide with depreciating USD, as Americans all of a sudden are equal to the rest of the world in purchasing power of energy.

The 1970’s oil shortage was a preceeding omen to a much worse crisis that is just starting.

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Historical Oil Price Chart
1999 marked the end of a century long correction, and the start of upward impulse waves.

The 1970’s was a classic A-B-C corrective pattern.

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The blue line represents a correction in the oil price deflation. That was an omen. Because Peak Oil had NOT yet arrived prices fell back to $10 a barrel.

Note: study the 5 wave final move that ends in 1999, that ends the oil price deflation since the 1860’s.

After 1999 classic Elliott 5 wave upward moves proves a whole new dynamic is unfolding.

Since the current price move was to far to fast there will be a short rest, a period of price consolidation before the next leg up.

Because we are at peak oil with demand outstripping supply, there will be a period of consolidation before an even bigger upward spike just like the late 1970’s but much worse!

That will force everyone to shift to plug-in hybrids and electric cars plus new superinsulation homes, etc.

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This chart is a detailed view of the last leg up that started in 2007, it shows the clear 1-2-3-4-5 Elliott impulse Wave that ended in July 2008 at over $145.

The market is now correcting into the previous 4th wave of lesser degree, that’s $60 to $80 range (the area traced by the red line a-b-c).

That’s a breather for you to acquire a fuel efficient car.


Eventually oil production is going to fall. Before that happens, there will be multiple price spikes. The steepness of the fall with be moderated because demand will also fall.

We never run out of oil because price will explode and the downsloping curve will extend right indefinitely.

Peak Oil Evidence:

OPEC is currently the only post-peak states with major reserves.

OPEC oil production is flat even though number of oil rigs is soaring. This is proof of peak oil, no matter how much you drill, it’s impossible to boost production.

US fascist America is occupying Iraq because they know the stated reserves are greatly exaggerated.

Peak Oil Scenarios (http://trendlines.ca/energy.htm)

Oil shocks will trim demand, lessening the depletion rate. Oil will rise stairstep fashion, each leg up spurring new conservation. Eventually, say by 2100, oil for cars and heating will have been replaced. Oil will be used for carbon fiber and plastic technologies.

Excellent DVD, a must see:

Subtitle “We’re running out, and don’t have a plan”.

There is a default plan, that’s to say we are at the mercy of market forces because we didn’t plan ahead. Stagnating production and increasing worldwide demand for oil will squeeze the markets and the price will continue to explode.

Price spikes are shock waves to consumer consciousness and that forces radical change in behavior.

I boldly predict that we only need one more price spike to really spur us into national action. Just as the 1970’s we will probably see 55 mph limit again and a rush to small cars.

What’s going to happen next is easy to figure. Innovation. Innovation big time on multiple fronts as society is forced to switch to alternative energy sources with big increases in efficiency. For the rest of the century we will change.

Radical new designs will become normal:

The Aptera is far out in 2008, but in a decade it might be normal.

Honda Insight with a fifth “e-wheel” pushes the 100mpg barrier.



Tata: India’s new Toyota

will soon be importing to USA 2 cylinder hatchbacks for $2500

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